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Full text of "The Courts Of Europe V-Ii"

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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,   ETC.                243

to inform me that he and his fellow officer, &c.,
had sailed some days before. I had, however,
applied to the commissioners at Paris on the
subject, and was assured that there was not the
slightest truth in the report.

September zxst, 1797.

You will learn, before this letter reaches you,
that I am recalled. No reason is stated, but I
conclude I shall have further intelligence shortly.
The ministers do not seem willing to avow their
motives for displacing me. It is impossible that
Nepean can be ignorant of the cause of my recall,
of my enemies, or of the manner in which my
business has been concluded. There are no steps
taken for the acceptation of my successor, or even
for the release of Sir Sidney. I am overwhelmed
with letters. The exchange is in jeopardy, and
our prisoners are sent up from Nantes to Angers.

Eugenie writes that she has at length deter-
mined to give her hand to M. de la Verriere
Montreuil, who has been soliciting it for several
years. He is, unfortunately, upon crutches, but
that is of no consequence to a French wife. He